Concierge Medicine (like MD-VIP): A Word of Caution

medical-doctor-1314902-mConcierge Medicine is getting a lot of attention these days–especially in mid-Missouri–as some well-thought-of physicians have joined MD-VIP.  These programs are popular for a reason.  They apparently allow the participating physicians to practice health care instead of sick care.  However, based on some feedback from the major carriers in Missouri, be aware that the participating doctors may have some contractual challenges.  At this point we don’t know if this will cause any network disruption or not.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Additionally, be aware that the fee for this type of arrangement is not a qualified medical expense under an FSA/HSA/HRA.

In the meantime, if you are unfamiliar with concierge medicine, take a look at this fine article in the Columbia Business Times:  Click here.


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