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Welcome to Compliance Curator, your go-to source for curated, essential benefits compliance information.  The compliance waters are very turbulent right now and you can quickly get overwhelmed by the deluge of Reform-related and general compliance updates.  It’s as if you are drinking from a compliance fire hose.

We at The Insurance Group see the need to help you focus on the most relevant compliance updates by curating the compliance essentials.  A curator is a person or entity which vets out the most relevant information on a topic.  For example, a museum curator identifies, procures and displays the most relevant pieces for his/her museum.  Similarly our site will distill the relevant compliance information for you.

In addition to this blog, The Insurance Group offers numerous tools and resources to put you at the forefront of benefits compliance and health care reform.   These resources are designed to help our clients address the four most common compliance-related questions:

  1. Where do I find information?
  2. What do I do, and when do I do it?
  3. Who will make sure it gets done?
  4. How do I document our compliance efforts?

E-mail Jason Swindle (swin@theinsurancegrp.com) for information on TIG’s other services.  Enjoy Compliance Curator!


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