Seminar: February 2, 2017 – Don’t Let the 4th Factor (Fee Allocation) Derail Your Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan Consulting and Investment Advisory Division

Join Us for Informational Seminar

Don’t Let the 4th Factor Derail Your Retirement Plan

The 4th Factor (FEE ALLOCATION POLICY) has joined the other 3F’s (Funds, Fees and Fiduciary Governance) in lmportance for Mitigating Corporate and Personal Risks.

Key Topics:

  • Fee Allocation-What Is A Fee Allocation Policy & Various Leveling Methods? (major issue left untold by some)
  • Fees-Are My Plan Fees Reasonable And Fair In Total And By Parts? (old clients treated differently/unfairly from new clients)
  • Funds:
    • Is My Line-Up Correct? (voids, overlaps, passive vs. active, appropriate vehicles and share classes)
    • Is My Investment Policy Statement Truly Independent? (the fox should not guard the henhouse)
    • What Happens To My Fixed Income Option If Interest Rise? (alternatives)
  • Fiduciary Governance–Are There Additional Steps I Should Be Taking In Fulfilling My Duties? (managing risks)

Additional Takeaways:

  • Where Are We in The Business Cycle? (2016 in Review and Looking Ahead)
  • 2017 Issues Facing Other Plan Sponsors (Lawsuits Still Huge Concern)
  • What Is The Temperament In Washington D.C.? (Will The Fiduciary Rules Hold?)


February 2, 2017


The Insurance Group’s Seminar Room 200 East Southampton Drive, Columbia, Mo.


7:45 to 8:00 am-Coffee, Juice, Breakfast Items 8:00 to 9:00 am-Program


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