TIG Compliance

With The Insurance Group’s Compliance support, we remove the fear of the unknown.  Our tools and resources put you at the forefront of benefits compliance and health care reform.   A misstep with compliance can be very costly and time-consuming to fix.  Our aim is to help you keep that from happening.

Employers are facing an unprecedented amount of regulatory and compliance challenges.   The complexities of the new Healthcare Reform regulations are enough to keep business owners, executives and HR teams on their toes.   When you throw in the increased scrutiny of existing regulations, compliance can be overwhelming.  In challenging times like these, you need a reliable set of resources to guide you through the turbulent waters.

This is where The Insurance Group (TIG) comes in.   To meet the broad range of client needs, The Insurance Group has developed a line-up of tools and resources to help clients manage the risk associated with compliance.   These resources are designed to help our clients address the four most common compliance-related questions:

1)      Where do I find information?

2)      What do I do, and when do I do it?

3)      Who will make sure it gets done?

4)      How do I document our compliance efforts?

Our blog is just one way in which The Insurance Group keeps you on top of critical compliance and healthcare reform-related information.